Crewpedia - About


I am a film and commercial director and cinematographer. I am proud of the work I have produced over the years and felt frustrated that I did not have the platform to show off my list of verified commercial credits. Working with many great crew through the years I found it increasingly difficult to stay in touch and up to date with these crew members and hence Crewpedia was created.

I feel strongly about giving the talented people who work in our industry a way to show off their skills and hard earned credits as well as get new work. I have shot in many small cities across the United States and realized that seasoned local crews in these small cities have no centralized place to show and be seen. Producers and production supervisors have no direct link to these local crews. Crewpedia solves this problem.

I have a deep passion for filmmaking and our commercial film making community. Our goal is to build a vibrant online commercial film community. Please join us on this mission!


I started developing software 20 years ago and gained extensive knowledge in developing systems in a number of industries including the retail, property development and film and fashion industry. For the past 9 years I have run my own software development house building software which is currently being used globally within a multitude of industries.

For several years I have been involved in developing software for the commercial film production industry. It is a world that fascinates me and presents many interesting problems to solve.

I love the challenge of building a community of diverse film makers.